Mouth Party 7: September 23rd

Jimmy and his co-producer, Dan Fisher, are throwing another Mouth Party on Tuesday, September 23rd at Brit Pack. They’re so excited about making it to 7 shows they’re going to be giving away free pizza and selling cheap beer. Plus, they called in some hot shot comedians from the New York City area to make things extra funny.

The lineup includes: Max Fox, Matt Wayne, Jordan Temple and Mark Normand.

Hope you can make it!

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We’re Putting On A Show!

Jimmy here.

Those of you that know me from my time in Rochester know that one of my favorite things to do is putting on comedy shows. I worked with two great co-producers in Bryan Ball and Vinnie Paulino to make 3 Guys Walk Into A Bar a monthly showcase of the best talent we could wrangle. I had my own late night-style talk show called After Bedtime. I put on some charity events. The real biggie, though, came last year when 3 Guys Walk Into A Bar was lucky enough to book the great Eddie Pepitone for a show at The German House.

Times have changed, obviously, and Katie and I are now living in New York City. With that comes a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for us to chase our dream down whatever rabbit hole it might run in to. It’s been a fun 6 months full of good things, bad things, thing things and lots of pizza. We’ve been having the time of our lives getting to know this city and the people in it, and now, finally, we’ve got a fun announcement:

On Monday, 3/24 at 8:00PM at Brit Pack Theater (153 Lafayette St., 3rd Floor, NY, NY 10013), I’ll be putting on my first self-produced show here in the Big Apple. It’s called Mouth Party, and I’m stacking it with Rochester talent and NYC’s best comedian; which is like a dream come true, so I’m very, very excited.

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The format is simple: 5 comics doing shorter sets and a host (me) will be the appetizers leading up to the main course that is Mark Normand running through his half hour for Comedy Central 4 day before he films it in Boston. So, if you come (and you definitely should), you’ll get to see the guy Village Voice voted “Best Comedian in NYC” right before he’s about to become one of the biggest names in comedy on the planet.

This is, again, a big deal for Katie and I and is a huge step in the right direction for us in chasing down our dreams. Plus, it’ll be a fun show with really good comedians. You can see the full lineup below, and I hope we see you at the show!

Mouth Party: A Comedy Show at Brit Pack Theater on 3/24 at 8:00 PM

Price? Pay what you want. We’re doing this Radiohead style.


Mikey Heller

Colin Burgess

Zane Golia

Julia Solomon

Mark Normand